Thursday, 8 May 2014


Over the last four years of home ownership I've accumulated some items that we have used as artwork.  Some of these things are a bit nontraditional so I thought I would (hopefully) offer you some home inspiration!

You can use whatever you like as artwork.  Do you have a beautifully printed scarf that you love?  A pin or medal from a grandparent?  In hubby's case, a frisbee from an Ultimate Frisbee tournament?  There are no rules!  Frame them!

Here are some of my less conventional pieces.  (Some of these you may recognize from previous posts.)  I'll ease you into this with something not too wild and crazy.  This is a photo I took on our trip to New Orleans and I had it printed on a canvas on the Shutterfly website.

Again, from our trip to New Orleans, I bought three postcards at five dollars each and framed them.  They hang in our kitchen.

Don't make fun of me for this, but one time watching MTV Cribs (I know) we saw a collection of crosses hung over a fireplace.  Hubby and I both thought that was really neat so we pick up crosses on our travels (and by that I mean we have picked up exactly two).  Hopefully over the years we'll collect more!

I posted this little guy awhile ago.  Hubby and I used to say "Hey You" when we were dating.  I made this little sketch (took literally 2 minutes) and framed it.

This was another photo I took in Prague, Czech Republic, at the John Lennon wall.  I took tons of photos of the wall and then framed my fave.  She's in our bathroom.

And now my current favourite.  My grandparents collected tea towels over the years and there is a cupboard at their cottage that is full of them!  I snagged my favourite one (it must have been from a trip to western Canada due to the Rockies in the background) and had it framed with a vintage frame I found online.

There you go!  I hope this inspires you to frame something special to you that you have lying around your house!

Monday, 5 May 2014


The news I referred to in my last post is... we're moving!  (Assuming we sell our sweet little house, that is.)  We have mixed feelings about it, but this means we'll be living together and both commuting to work in different directions.  The most important thing is we'll be together and we can deal with the rest.  When our house went on the market one week ago I realized I should take more photos so we can look back on our first home years down the road and remember this little place where we became a family.  I'm mostly sad about leaving this little home of our own, but I know it's the people (and animals) that make a home not the walls around you.

And just for the memories, here is the dining room and living room we spent the last four years of our lives in.  It's just little but it's ours and it's home.