Monday, 8 April 2013


I had a week off!  It was fantastic.

This is basically never going to happen again in my life, so I took advantage of the time off to make some changes to our master  bedroom.  You might remember I recently had bedroom drapes made and we also made lamps for our nightstands.  Last week we decided to rip up the old carpet to see what lies beneath...  I also wanted to paint the ceiling a tinted shade.  And of course, while all the furniture was out of the room I realized how terrible the walls and trim looked.  Whoever painted the walls last should have done an extra coat, and the baseboards were looking kind of grungy.

I thought I would post how to get a super clean line using painter's tape.  It's not as easy as you may think!  In my case, I'm going to describe how to paint baseboards with a clean line.  Here's my step by step guide as per this blog's advice.

1. Paint the baseboards.  As annoying as it is, you will have to scrape.  When I originally painted the trim in our living/dining rooms, I believe it took one coat of primer and two or even three coats of paint.  Don't skimp!

2. Put your painter's tape around the top of the baseboard and paint the bottom colour around the edge of the tape to create a seal.  This step is crucial!  All my other attempts at painter's tape have failed because of this.  Without creating that seal with a coat of the bottom colour, the wall colour will bleed through.

3. Now you can paint your wall colour over top and feel free to overlap onto the tape.  Step two ensures it won't bleed through.  You're a paint master...a master painter...  I kept the same wall colour as the previous owner simply because they had half a can of paint leftover in the basement and that made this project less expensive.

4. I waited until the paint was at least partially dry so it wouldn't drip once I removed the tape.  It made such a clean line!  Extremely satisfying.  Seriously.

Isn't that amazing?!  Stay tuned for a few more posts in the coming days.  I actually have some projects saved up to blog about!

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  1. Impressive! I like that little trick.

    I was also thinking the other day how I hadn't seen any posts lately! Glad you are back! :P