Thursday, 8 March 2012


I.  Am.  Going.  Crazy.

As I try to sort through chest x-rays and questions like - what's going on in this lung/what's going on in this lung/what's different in this lung - I am pulling my hair out!  Who invented radiology??  I swear everything they "see" has got to be made up!!  Every CXR looks identical to me.

You can probably tell in less than 48 hours I will have finished two [count em - 2] exams.

Since I am desperately in need of a break, I thought I would quickly post about last weekend's study break.  A friend and I went to the market for a quick Korean lunch, which is my fave!

Mmm - sweet beef!

I didn't actually get a juice, just weirded out the sales guy by taking a photo.
H thought I must include a photo of the national food, kimchi!

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