Monday, 16 July 2012


Do you pin?  Pinterest has given me so many new recipes to try and I love it!  I had been dying to try this nutella cupcakes recipe (yum!) and so when we had people over a couple of days before Canada Day, it seemed like the perfect occasion.  Who doesn't love nutella, right?  I followed the recipe to a "T" but added my own patriotic flare by making red fondant maple leaves.

I used white fondant I had on hand from a bulk foods store and Wilton dusty rose food colouring that came in a cake decorating kit hubby gave me for Christmas.  I ended up with red hands, (should have bought food handling gloves), but that's okay.  Roll out the fondant and use a cookie cutter for the shape of your choice.

The recipe tells you to swirl nutella onto the top of the cake batter once in the muffin pan.  Next time I would completely incorporate the nutella into the batter when in the bowl rather than bothering to swirl.  I think I would like an entirely brown cupcake rather than the clump of nutella on top.  They were still good, though!

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