Friday, 24 August 2012


Today my BFF stopped by for a few hours to go shopping and she left her two sweet doggies (my neph-poos) at my house with Leroy.  My brother was here so it didn't seem like much of a problem.  [Although it should have been a warning sign when Leroy marked his territory on a door inside before we left... I was in the kitchen and D yelled that Leroy had just peed all over the door/floor.  Apparently someone was feeling a little threatened.]

While D and I were in Chapters I got a phone call from hubby.  I think my brother called him in a panic because the dogs had destroyed the house.  Haha.  J went for a walk and when he got home the garbage and compost had been torn apart and were all over the floor.  Then one of the guys peed on the carpet downstairs.  I don't think Leroy had much to do with the garbage part since he has never done that before, but he certainly knew something bad had happened.  This is the face I saw when we got home.  (I didn't get a picture of the other two cuties because their poor mama wanted to get them out of here asap.)

Now I'm off to scrub my floor. :)  And seriously don't worry, D.  The neph-poos are still welcome here anytime!

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