Thursday, 22 November 2012


This is my super quick study break of the evening.  I needed a little refresher because I am very consistently failing all the practice tests I've been taking!

We had friends over for board games and nachos last weekend (after the Santa Claus parade) and I started thinking about how I make the bed in a "fancy" way when guests are over.  Friends can very clearly see our bedroom if they're visiting because it is right beside the main floor bathroom.  When people are over I try to tidy up the bedroom because of this and that means making the bed!  I can't lie...many days the sheets are untouched after I wake up at the crack of dawn.

To me the perfect bed has different textures, colours, and patterns of linen.  Personally, I don't have the expendable cash to have as many pillows/sheets as I would like, but I make due with what I have!  (It took 4 years of marriage for me to finally buy a duvet cover.)

I like the contrast between our cream coloured sheets and the white/navy duvet.  Both are neutrals but the different palette adds some interest.  The white coverlet is knit which adds some texture and the duvet cover has a strip of rippled fabric.  If  I had patterned pillowcases, I would add them to our pillows for an added pattern but because I don't, I put on the pillow shams that match the duvet.  You can't see it, but we also have a grey bedskirt I "splurged" on when I bought the duvet cover.  When I'm making the "fancy" bed, I fold the duvet in half at the bottom of the bed to draw attention to the sheets and coverlet.  I know it's probably a little bit crazy and overboard (which is why I don't do this every day) but it makes me feel like my house is more put together when company arrives!


  1. i love neutral colors in the bedroom! xoxo from nyc &

  2. Thanks! Me too (obviously)! I just had some curtains made and I'm hoping to put them up this week. A post about that later. :)