Sunday, 25 August 2013


This summer has been extremely low key.  I get zero days of vacation and so hubby has kind of been forced to have a boring summer because of me.  I anxiously await the day when I have vacation to use at will... Wouldn't that be nice?  In the meantime we've made a couple of quick weekend trips - one for a wedding, one to PEI with friends, and our anniversary trip to Grand Manan.

Currently I'm studying for my next exams which are two or three weeks away.  I'm not sure which...I'm trying not to think about how much time I have left to study!  So the last couple of weeks have been particularly uneventful.  The best part of my week was Leroy cuddling in bed with me this morning.  He laid on my chest for a long time before I got out of bed.  Makes a mummy happy!

Here are a few more photos from our anniversary weekend trip to Grand Manan.

Looks like a little father/son pep talk.  We saw a beach from the car so we pulled over to the side of the road and took the little path down to the beach.  It was a pretty spot, covered in hundreds of seagulls.  We thought this path was pretty cool.

This is at a different beach.  There is a provincial park on Grand Manan with a campground and a beach, and we went to that beach twice.  It was a pretty beach and nice for Leroy to be able to run around and catch the frisbee.

We think he's the cutest.  Like, really.  The cutest.  You have a baby?  Oh wait - mine's cuter. :)

He has a pretty silly dad who is willing to run around the beach with him.  Leroy is way faster.  And a little bit cuter.  Hubby is a close second.

Beautiful Grand Manan!  This is very close to a lighthouse at the western side of the island.  There is a little trail (not very well groomed) that follows the top of the cliffs and it really is gorgeous.  We followed the four wheeler trail and found a little lake with one cottage.  When I told my friend C about our little trek, she said she had found that cottage before too!  I thought that was pretty cool.

There's my sample of summer photos!  Hope you enjoyed them.

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