Saturday, 30 November 2013


Are you ready for it?  It's our dirty secret.  I'm talking about our spare bedroom/home office/hubby's dressing room/junk room.  To say it's a disaster might be an understatement.  It's an eye sore.  And currently it is completely non-functional.  Is this not the most disorganized "desk" you've ever seen?

Trust me, the rest of the room is no better.  My Christmas plan is to organize (which will mean buying filing cabinets etc), tear up the carpet, possibly paint, and put up artwork.  I'm thinking new bedding, a new bookshelf (those things are expensive!), and an area rug will have to wait for now.  That might be my carrot for the rest of the year - a little gift to myself on starting residency in July, maybe.

I'll leave you with a few more photos and you can thank your lucky stars this isn't what your spare room looks like!  Or maybe it is... Hey, we're all human, right? ;)

Normally my house pictures are of rooms I have just styled and tidied up before taking photos.  If I used hashtags this might be known as: #thetruthbehindtheblog #junkroom #dirtylittlesecret.  Just a thought.  Wow, I just enjoyed making those hashtags way too much.

The room's bright spot - the dresser we bought off kijiji last year and a cute lamp from Winner's.

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