Sunday, 7 February 2016


Hello, party people!

I haven't done a music post in forever! Music is my favourite! Here are some songs I discovered in 2015 (mostly thanks to CBC Radio 2 - my new love). Some old, some new.

Bryan Adams - You Belong to Me.

This song makes me want to snap my fingers. Super catchy jam. Two things, though. You belong to me? Bryan, that's a little possessive. Second - why won't that girl just leave Bryan alone!? Can't she see he's trying to play guitar?!

Good for Grapes - The Ropes.

AAAH. This is it, guys. On repeat. And I totally recommend the whole album. Buy it. You know, if Canadian alternative music is your jam.

Sam Roberts Band - Don't Walk Away Eileen.

This is an 'oldie' (2003) but new to me. One time during my undergrad I was away with a bunch of fellow students for a conference and this group of super grungy teens cut in front of us in a parking lot. The guy driving our vehicle said, "Watch out, Sam Roberts Band," which still makes me laugh.

Joel Plaskett - When I Close my Eyes.

Advisory: if you are in a long distance relationship this will make you cry. But it's soooo good. The video is so simple and gives me all the feels. Joel's upbeat songs are great but his love songs are just on another level for me.

Hope you enjoyed these and found something new to listen to!


  1. Love your music selection, So canadian!

  2. This is really embarrassing..I don't know anyone out of your selection! Haha, ignorant me...but I love those kind of posts! New music is always good :) x

    1. Not ignorant you! I always feel a little cooler when people don't know my music. Haha.

      You definitely know Bryan Adams - Summer of 69?