Saturday, 7 April 2012


This post is a mish mash of things from this week!  First of all, I got a new haircut two weeks ago - my first ever dye job and bangs (for the first time since elementary school).  It was all very exciting.  As well, I have new RED pants.  They are kind of fab if I do say so myself.

Blazer H&M, t-shirt Smart Set, pants Tommy Hilfiger.
Onto the next item of business.  At school we drew names for secret buddies at the beginning of the year and we buy gifts for that person.  My wonderful secret buddy bought me a gorgeous hydrangea plant that I am in love with!!  Strangely enough, while grocery shopping the last two weeks, I have mentioned to hubby how much I loooooved the hydrangeas on display and how gooorgeous they were and how purple is sooooo wonderful.  Much to my surprise, my buddy bought me the exact plant I had been gushing over for two weeks!  This led me to believe hubby knows who my secret buddy is and gave them a hint.  However, he says this is not the case, it was just a coincidence!  How funny is that?!  Apparently my buddy knows me quite well.  They even (kind of) match my chairs!

And in case you were wondering, Leroy also liked my gift.

Finally, were you wondering where I was going in those fantastic red pants??  Hubby and I had a date night to a restaurant in the city we hadn't tried before.  We have our go-to spots we love (for sushi, Indian, Chinese, and Thai) but have decided to branch out some in the future.  We went to a little tapas bar we had heard about.  We ordered three dishes and enjoyed them all (although I forgot to take pictures of the last two...I was hungry, ok?).  The course I did remember to capture on camera is a lobster dip.  We also got bruschetta and chicken skewers - all delicious!  And there you have it.  That was Thursday.

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  1. Fab Indeed!!! Love the hair and love the outfit!!