Thursday, 26 April 2012


I've been sitting home writing a paper today (we don't write many papers in med school) and looking out the window at the beautiful day.  Then I realized how close summer is!  I only have three more weeks of school (which include this paper, an exam, and a clinical skills exam) and then I'm free.  Once I realized this, I started to notice signs of spring everywhere.

1. BBQ.  Last week before my exam hubby made a delicious barbecued meal - the first of the season.

2. Watermelon.  This was my afternoon snack today.  It's one of my favourite seasonal foods!

3. Something floral this way comes.  This is the fabric of a tunic I just bought online.  There's nothing better than the day your online shopping purchases arrive. :)

4. Johnny jump-ups.  I'm not sure what their true name is, but I think this is what my mom called these pretty little flowers last summer.  These grow all over our yard and they're one of the only plants I haven't tried to dig up.

5. Car rides.  It's the season of "let's just go for a drive," isn't it?  It definitely is in our family!  A certain someone loves coming along.  When we say, "Do you want to go for a car ride?" Leroy will pace around the kitchen until we finally leave.

How are you seeing signs of spring?  Doesn't it make you excited?  This is a very fun time of year as school draws to a close and summer is just around the corner!

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