Wednesday, 20 June 2012


I was quite a lucky girl this week.  My friend K came to visit!  We met when I was K's RA (resident assistant) during her first year at university (and my second year).  Two years later we actually ended up being RAs together and we hadn't seen each other since I graduated.  It's so wonderful to catch up with friends, isn't it?  Our visit consisted of playing guitar outside on the lawn, being introduced to new music, going out for butter chicken, a long walk around a local park, youth group, henna tattoos, a movie, aaaand...flying a kite!  Apparently K did this a lot last summer and she reintroduced me to the art of kite flying.  I hadn't done this since I was a kid (and I remember most attempts being unsuccessful as Mom tried to run with the kite to get it into the air).  Somehow K had that kite flying in all of a minute and we had lots of time to take pictures.  It was sad for me to watch her leave today but we had a nice visit for a few days!  Thanks for coming, K, and we wish you well on your adventure. :)

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