Wednesday, 13 June 2012


At this point it must be common knowledge I'm not working this summer.  Since it's my last summer off ever (gasp) I decided to take advantage of it - especially since I've had a summer job since I was fourteen.  Why I started working so young, I'm not sure... I remember begging my parents to let me work that first summer.  Regardless, this is my last taste of freedom (and I can't afford medical school either way), so what the heck?!

My days consist of: waking up, driving hubby to work, coming home, taking Leroy for a run, making lunch, possibly having a nap, reading a book, gardening, running errands, picking hubby up from work, making supper, going to sleep.  Sometimes something fun is thrown in there like a lunch date, a movie, or a campfire.  It's a hard life, really.

We were in New Orleans on vacation last week (more about that later) and we sure missed our guy!  Since I'm home with him all day, I decided to take him to the beach today to celebrate our reunion. :)  It was our first beach visit of 2012.  The best thing about where we live is there is a beach very nearby.  It's wonderful for Leroy to be off his leash and chase the frisbee, and we have a lot of fun relaxing and looking for beach glass (sometimes while eating an ice cream).  The delights of summer. :)  Here are a couple of pictures of our guy chasing his frisbee today.

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