Monday, 7 January 2013


I think we all know I've been slowly tackling the curtains in all of our main floor.  So far our living room, dining room, and mud room all have new drapes and over Christmas our bedroom drapes arrived.  As always, I bought the fabric and had them made by someone more talented than me.  The blinds that came with the house were hideous in the master bedroom and I'm so glad they're gone!  I bought black out lining for the first time for these curtains and it was a good purchase.  It makes the room so much darker at night (there's a street lamp outside our window), and in the day (when I'm sleeping after a 24 hour call shift)!  It is supposed to cut out 90% of the light (I think).

The blinds we've had up for two years.

The after.  Much improved!

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