Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Sunday I saddled up the horses and moved on out.  Out to Nova Scotia, that is.  I began my CaRMS tour (or Canadian Residence Matching System) for medical school electives.  And I won't be home till Christmas!  It's a weird (and bad) feeling leaving hubby for that long.  At one time we were somewhat used to living apart, but even then we were only a few hours away by car.

I'm not sure what form the ol' blog is going to take this fall because if you've noticed I mostly post things about decorating my house and the food I cook.  Living out of a suitcase and cooking for one...not so blog-worthy.  But maybe at some point I will crawl out of the dark cave they call a hospital and take some photos of Canadian cities I've never been to before to share with you.  Maybe.  If we're both lucky.

So here is where my tour began (pre-tour, really).  Good old New Brunswick.  NB.  God's country, as they say.  My last weekend home hubby, manny (Leroy), and I went partridge hunting.  We got two!

As you can see, I wiped out in the mud.  (I didn't have any other clothes with me, either!)  Come join me on my Cross Canada Road Trip 2013!


  1. I love that you are rocking the neon orange!

  2. Ha! Thanks, Barb! I only just noticed your comment. That orange...goes with everything - leopard print included!