Sunday, 13 October 2013


What did you do?  Jump ship?

Here are a few photos from our Thanksgiving weekend in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  If you have never been, it's a lovely port city on the east coast.  The largest of the cities in the Maritimes, it's still a pretty small city surrounded by water and not far from more rural areas.

Hubby and I spent the weekend going out for dinner and a movie, and today going for a walk on the waterfront before having our Thanksgiving dinner prepared by my wonderful friend, A!  We're pretty spoiled (and lucky)!

There have been a lot of changes around here this week... big surprises to both of us but happy changes all in all.  I'll post more about that later but all I'll say for now is I am surprised to find myself very happy and relieved!

We found a little local cafe/chocolate shop and we each got a maple latte. favourite all year round!


Hubby climbed the wave down on the waterfront like a champ.  Put all the little kids to shame.

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving weekend!  We were all a little extra thankful this year!

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