Monday, 20 January 2014


A couple of weeks ago I decided I had enough of trying to grow my hair out and went back to brunette with a cute chop!  I've had literally every hairstyle you can have from a number one buzz cut to a ridiculously long, one length mane so nothing scares me in the hairdresser's chair.  I have residency interviews in the next couple of weeks so it seemed like a good time to get the ol' hair did.

In the meantime, I have extra time off while I wait for these interviews so I'm tackling the spare bedroom (our dirty little secret, you may remember).  I painted the walls last week and today I spent my first day off painting the ceiling and trim.  While I was at it I figured, why not paint the hallway between our bathroom and bedroom?  It's teeny tiny and only took a little extra time.  I just painted the hallway white to make it a bit cleaner and get rid of the last trace of beige from our upstairs.  Beige.  Shudder.

I got quite excited today when I went on the West Elm website and saw free shipping and an extra 30% off at checkout - one day only.  I loaded up my shopping cart with new bedding for the spare room (shhhh!) and then there was nowhere to type in the promo code!  Not available for us in the great white north.  Don't you hate that?!  Probably for the best, anyway.  Quite disappointing, really, so I pinned it all to my Pinterest wishlist hoping some day someone will take pity on me and give it to me as a gift!  How is it possible to want so much stuff?!  Christmas just finished (took down the tree yesterday, Jan 19th) and my birthday's not till September!! ;)  So in other words, the "after" photos might not make it to the blog for awhile.

And back to the's a photo from last week wearing my work attire.  Quite proud of the use I've been getting out of my new curling iron just adding a little wave!

Shoes - Aldo.  Necklace - Olivia Welles via HauteLook.  T shirt - Top Shop, old. Similar here.  Skirt - J Crew, old. Similar here.

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