Thursday, 13 February 2014


Happy almost Valentine's Day!

This isn't necessarily my favourite holiday, but I do love celebrating things in general, so I'm on board with even Hallmark created holidays.  And I love love.  So, let's just leave well enough alone. :)

One of us was a little more successful in their present giving this year and surprisingly it wasn't me!

I came home to this lovely spread this evening.  We won't be spending Valentine's Day together tomorrow due to some scheduling problems (a regular occurrence around here) so hubby surprised me with flowers, a table set with our fancy china, a little present/card, and take out sushi!  My fave!

Sushi AND a card with dogs on the front?  Someone clearly knows the way to my heart.  And on the other hand, I "surprised" hubby with this disgusting blob of a dessert.

This was my attempt at a molten chocolate cake.  I swear I made it two years ago on Valentine's Day and it turned out perfectly.  This time I quartered the recipe and I think therein lied the problem.  I was told it tasted the same but it just didn't set right and the top started to get a bit dark before the cake was really solid enough to take out of the pan...  I also kind of thought this photo was hilarious.  I used the self timer and (not on purpose) cut off my entire face except for my pout.  Ha!

Sorry, hubby!  I tried to make you a special treat!  Dinner was followed by some Olympics highlights (I ate one of those Cream Eggs) and a bubble bath is in my near future.  Make sure to love someone tomorrow!

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