Sunday, 23 February 2014


It's no secret I love interior decorating.  When I was a pre-teen girl my favourite part of babysitting was getting to stay up at night and watch TLC's Trading Spaces (which we didn't get at home) after the kids went to bed.  My tastes have changed since then - that show doesn't even exist and even if it did I don't think the concept of makeover an entire room for $1000 is still my style...but it definitely sparked my love of design.

In another life I would totally be an interior designer.  However, in this life I'm in medical school and my schedule can be totally crazy (not to mention I don't have much disposable cash).  If at some point I could swing a little interior decorating business on the side, I would totally dig it.  (Call me.  Seriously.  This is like my dream.)

Which leads me to... my best friend is having a baby!  Her baby boy is due to arrive in the next six weeks or so and she wasn't super interested in decorating a nursery.  Enter me.  I have been sending her items from kijiji and etsy all week since she agreed to let me help her.  She says I'm not being annoying buuut... :)

We have completely different styles so I am trying very hard to pick out things that I think are to her taste and not my own faves.  She hasn't decided on anything yet, but I thought for a fun post I would include some of the inspiration I've found around the internet.  D didn't like any of these things, by the way, so you may not either, friends.

My thing is way more neutral schemes in a nursery.  I don't care for pink for girls and blue for boys.  It's predictable.  I am not.  Here are a few things I like in a little boy's nursery.

This mobile from Etsy.  I think it's retro and cute.

White cribs are my current fave.  This one from Ikea seems inexpensive but I've never looked into cribs before, so who knows?

And again, with the "neutrals".  This fitted crib sheet is sweet.  It's patterned and goes with the colour scheme.  Polka dots are just great, let's be honest.  And if I was doing a scheme like this, I would probably choose a white blanket for the crib so I won't bore you with posting one here, on the off chance you find white blankets boring.

 This pillow which has a really cool pattern without being overboard.

Sarah Jane has really sweet children's prints.  You can find this one here.

Well, this post was just too fun.  I definitely need to do more room inspiration posts.  Hope you enjoyed it even if (like me) you have no plans of decorating a nursery of your own!  Have a nice Monday!

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