Wednesday, 9 April 2014


For the past two weeks I've been living in a hotel and attending class in preparation for our licensing exam in May.  It is really difficult being back in class - in the past year I seem to have reverted to the attention span of a three year old.  Studying in a hotel and eating out for every meal hasn't been ideal but I've thankfully managed to fit in some gym time and a little bit of blogging.

Before I left last weekend I put some photos on my computer knowing I wouldn't be very inspired in a beige hotel room.  (And on the subject of photos, one of my classmates also has a Nikon D3100 and she has researched a lot of camera tips and tricks so we went for a little walk this week and she taught me some things!)  And on the subject of beige...

I think I mentioned in a previous post I painted the hallway that leads to our bathroom and master bedroom?  It was the remaining bit of beige in the upstairs (I'm not currently a beige fan).  I wanted plain old white to brighten things up in an otherwise dismal hall.  Here is the before and after.

Obviously this is the before picture (although it's really a "partway through" photo from after I started to paint).  Here you have a little peak of the LIME GREEN bathroom.  I have to put that in caps because it just SCREAMS: LIME GREEN!  Gah!  It is definitely not my favourite colour (although better in my bathroom than in my bedroom).  And as I typed that I remembered a good friend of mine painted her room lime green and purple in high school. :)  At some point the bathroom might get a fresh coat of paint, too...

And after with clean white walls and a little glimpse into our bedroom (with Leroy's landing mat).  It was such a small project that is inexpensive and really only takes a couple of hours, but I think it makes a nice impact.  We all know what a big fan I am of a coat of paint.

Until next time!

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