Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Sigh.  The stress.  It is aging me greatly.

Our household is currently under some stress and there are some big changes coming our way.  I am studying for my licensing exam, preparing for residency in another city, trying to figure out how we will make that work, just returned from two weeks away for school, buying a new car, second guessing what kind of car to buy, and to top that off - my two oldest friends both had major life events this week (one had a baby and one got engaged)!  It has been a highly emotional week to say the least.  (Not to mention planning a very expensive trip to Europe in the midst of all this.  The tickets were booked prior to knowing about all these other changes or we would be foregoing a trip this year.  There must be a reason why it happened like that, right?)

Life happens.  I definitely married the right person because I have been in a complete tizzy for the last couple of weeks and when I ask hubby how he's feeling about it all, he says, "I can only laugh".  Well, that makes one of us.  And thank goodness for that.

Leroy is somewhat oblivious to everything.  (Is he?  Is he really?)  The last week has left us all feeling like this:

More updates to come but at the moment we are (still) trying to iron everything out.

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