Thursday, 24 April 2014


Today I am babysitting a little Havanese doggie named Pablo.  I have been taking photos of Leroy and P all morning because it has been hilarious to watch the two of them!  It started with Leroy being absolutely terrified and retreating (or being herded) into his "home" (kennel).  He was appalled when Pablo joined him and did his best to ignore the little doggie who was sniffing his face and trying to play.  Leroy's scared of doggies.  He gets that from his Mom.  (And also, he's more of a "people person" anyway.)

Eventually Leroy somehow decided that maybe it would be fun to play with P and they spent the rest of the morning chasing each other back and forth from one end of our house to the other...until they both collapsed and slept for most of the afternoon. :)

If you are a dog lover, enjoy.

Above: Pablo looks a little defeated here and Leroy is still doing his best "avoid eye contact and don't move too quickly".

Above: My favourite thing about this picture is how Leroy is pressed so far up against the cage that all his fur is poking through.  And honestly - look at his eyes.  That is what fear looks like, people.

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