Monday, 6 October 2014


This post is going to combine the next two stops on our Switzerland trip - Zermatt and Gruyeres.

As you might remember, the Glacier Express Train took us to last stop - Zermatt. This is a pedestrian only town; the only vehicles were golf cart sized electric go carts. With a glorious view of the Matterhorn (trust me - glorious is the only word that fits there) it is just the most majestic thing I have ever seen.

We spent a few nights in this town and spent most of our time hiking. If I had to choose my favourite activity in the world hiking in the Alps is definitely top three. Besides hiking we ate a delicious meal of flambe steak which felt very fancy and exciting, did some shopping, and went to the Matterhorn Museum (our Swiss Travel Pass was also a free pass to museums)!

I could have stayed there forever. Again, it is a town known for skiing so I like to imagine us going back there some day. The skiiers in the family can ski and I can lie in a hot tub and eat Swiss chocolate.

From Zermatt we made a quick stop in Gruyeres. We only spent one night in the home of Gruyere cheese - the key ingredient in cheese fondu. Yum. We did a little tour of one of the cheese factories but they were done making cheese for the day so we didn't get the full effect. (Again - free with our Swiss Pass.)

This was an adorable town (and tiny!) with one cobblestone street through the center flanked with restaurants and hotels. At the end of the street is a chapel and behind that a medieval castle (and a weird alien art exhibit??). Every restaurant sells cheese fondu made from their own special blend of local cheeses.

The medieval castle in Gruyeres (not to be a broken record but again free with the Swiss Pass) is open to the public so we did a little tour and video which was a good way to kill some time before our delicioussss fondu dinner. Hubby and I keep a mental list of the favourite meals we've ever had (who doesn't?) and this was totally top ten. During dinner a glider plane (it looked like a life sized version of a paper airplane) was flying around the hills and was actually pretty cool dinner entertainment.

The only downside to this stop on our trip was this is when it started to get hot. Like smoking hot. Like make you fight about stupid stuff hot. And we had to carry our backpacks from the bus station up a gigantic hill to get to the town. First world problems, I know, but really you could add this to our list of marriage challenges. ;) Yikes. But it was an adorable town and the cheese was crazy amazing so totally worth it. If you ever make it to Switzerland, it is worth a stop but one night was enough to see it all.

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