Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Here it is. The moment we've all been waiting for. The house painting before and after.

Now, before you skip ahead, let me warn you. This is not the final product. I have a number of things on my outdoor to do list as you'll see in the photo below. Everything else (except for a new house number) will be a project for next year. I want to take out the concrete steps (that are flaking apart) and put in new wooden steps, get some shutters and window boxes, new outdoor light fixtures, finish painting the house, a new front door and new windows just for the entryway (all the other windows were replaced before we bought the house), chop down the dying pine trees beside the driveway, and even just do some landscaping.

That's a long list.

And that's why this year I am happy with 2 of 4 sides of the house painted and a new house number. Baby steps. (Concrete steps?) :)

As an FYI - we scraped one side of the house at a time and our neighbour told us you really only have to get rid of the paint that is flaking off. Then we spot painted areas that were worse than others. After that we did 2 full coats and it looks sooo much better (in our opinion)!  Take a look! (PS - painting is way better when you have a super cute assistant. And I mean...super cute.)

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