Monday, 29 September 2014


This past weekend was the most gorgeous end of September weekend I can ever remember. We wore shorts, finished up our outside painting, walked the nature park, and went to the beach!

One of the best things about our house is that it is a ten minute walk from the beach. When we bought our house it was the beginning of December and I didn't realize until the snow melted in the spring how close we were to the ocean! It was quite a lovely surprise that hubby laughed about - my sense of direction is horrendous.

Ever since Leroy was a wee little guy it was our regular summer routine to get ice cream, go to the beach, throw the frisbee and look for beach glass. We've started a bit of a beach glass collection and it's nothing to scoff at. ;)

For a few different reasons we haven't spent much time there this summer (can you say moved - twice?) and when Sunday was so absolutely gorgeous we decided to go after church. Even though I don't get to see them every day I'm pretty lucky to have such special guys in my life. (And on the upside - Leroy has been spending time with me in my home away from home!) I hope your weekend was lovely too!

Below left: What I call the "Stairs of Death". The steepest, most tetanus - infested stairs in the universe. We take Leroy off his leash before we descend because otherwise, let's be honest, I'm sure we would all die.

Below right: Our little manny isn't much of a swimmer. A few weeks ago when visiting a friend's cottage he totally surprised us when he chased a stick into the water and swam! Normally he wades and if you threw something for him you end up getting in the water to retrieve it yourself if it's something you don't want to lose (like a frisbee). He didn't swim yesterday but he spent a lot of time running in and out of the waves and was happy as could be. And pretty crazy adorable.

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