Monday, 15 September 2014


Life is pretty fantastic most days when you think about it.

Like when you think about the world - in its size, with all its diversity... the more you see of it the smaller it feels, the more you realize we're all really the same.

And sometimes when I think that at this exact moment in my little home, people exist in all other parts of the world - in all sorts of other homes... It blows my mind a little.

Where am I going with this, you might be wondering?  This summer hubby and I were fortunate enough to go on a two week celebratory grad trip to Switzerland!  It was hub's first trip overseas and my second and we loved (mostly) every second of it.  I thought I would share some of our best photos from the trip starting with a post about Zurich.

We flew into Zurich and spent a couple of days there at the beginning of our trip and one night at the end before flying home.  One of my few travel tips is to spend a night or two in the city you fly into.  This gives you a chance to get over any jet lag before you travel to your next destination, and also gives you a chance to wait for missing luggage (heaven forbid - but that was my experience on my first trip to Europe)!

Zurich is a beautiful city on a lake (Lake Zurich) with a path around the lake that is always full of walkers, roller skaters, cyclists, etc.  The lake is also surrounded by parks and green space full of healthy Swiss people playing badminton and swimming.  It was a beautiful city (although very expensive) and had an interesting contrast of people lounging outdoors by the lake and businessmen in Porsches driving the streets.

Mostly we walked the path along Lake Zurich, lounged in the parks, ate ice cream, explored the Old Town, and did a little window shopping (AKA tried on a pair of shoes at Prada).  And napped.  Because when you're jet lagged in Zurich it is essential to take naps on the grass in the park like your life is a movie.  We also took a little day trip into Kyburg, a tiny town outside Zurich.  It had a medieval castle and hiking path and since we went on a day when the castle was closed, there were no other tourists there.  We had a picnic lunch and went for a walk in the Swiss countryside all alone.  It was so peaceful and one of my favourite moments.  Here are our pictures from Zurich and Kyburg (pronounced Key burg)!

PS - The headband I'm wearing in the bottom photo is by MairiRyan Textile Designs and more headbands will be available at the Fall Craft Show!

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