Sunday, 21 September 2014


In post one I talked about our time in Zurich and Kyburg, Switzerland.  Today we're off to St Moritz - a town well known for skiing - and according to my guide book, a favourite of celebs and royals.

St Moritz was a quick stop on our trip.  This was our starting point for the Glacier Express, the express train that took us through the Swiss Alps.  I had read about scenic train rides through the Alps and bought our tickets in advance.  The train was definitely the best way to see Switzerland.  We were scaling cliffs and mountains and passing countless rural towns.  The windows of the Glacier Express extend up to the ceiling so the views of the mountains are extended overhead.

Stores and restaurants in St Moritz were mostly closed due to it being an in between season (ski season was definitely over but summer tourism had not yet started) so we had dinner and walked around the small lake.  We didn't find this town particularly special because it felt like a resort town with expensive boutique stores and not a lot of charm.  The next morning we hopped on the Glacier Express (slight hiccup there when hubby took us in the wrong direction on our little connecting train and we temporarily thought we might have missed the G.E.) and spent the full day traveling by train and watching the gorgeous scenery...and rereading some Harry Potter occasionally.  Here are a few photos from St Moritz and the Glacier Express.




  1. Looks like an amazing place and love to visit there someday and take a train like you guys did! xo akiko
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