Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Hey guys!

I know I have been totally AWOL for awhile (from both this blog and the gym, unfortunately) but I'm back!  It's been a bit of a roller coaster the last few months - graduating, starting residency, moving (twice - and even a third time if you're being exact), back and forth for rotations, etc but I need to get back into a routine and I've missed the old blog!

For the next two years I'll be living between two cities - my residency site AND the home you've seen in pictures for the last four years.  I'm mostly home on weekends if I'm not working so I don't exactly know what form this blog will take over the next couple of years.  I would really like to focus on my favourite thing - interior design - but as a part time homeowner that might be difficult.  So we'll see!!  Bear with me while I figure this whole thing out.  And check back because I have a few posts planned for the near future.

Also you might have noticed I've made a few changes to the layout - I hope you like it.  I just added links to my Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram (that one's new) so go ahead and follow.

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