Tuesday, 27 October 2015


You know it. You love it. I get it. It's a classic.

When I made this collage all I could imagine was the scene with Ferris dancing in the parade to Twist and Shout. Maybe it's just us but we quote this movie fairly regularly. Mostly, "Bueller.....Bueller....."

This might take some extra effort (unless you happen to already own a fringe suede/leather jacket, or a men's leather sweater vest). Otherwise they're fairly easy costumes. His: white tshirt, gray dress pants (preferrably with front crease), white shoes, Ray Ban Wayfarers. Hers: blue sweater, beige or grey skirt (she actually wore floppy dress shorts in the movie but um...yeah), and tall boots.

Well, friends, this was my last Halloween idea - other than our own costumes of course. And you don't get to see that until Halloween! Stay tuned.

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