Friday, 16 October 2015


Usually I keep my Halloween costume ideas to myself and don't post until trick or treaters are arriving at the door. This year I thought I'd be a little more forthcoming with my ideas and hopefully provide you with some inspiration!

I would love to use this idea for costumes - The Grand Budapest Hotel. We won't be doing it this year because we would have to buy too many things but if you have a beige dress and peach sweater on hand you should totally do it. This was one of our favourite Oscar nominated movies last year and I keep meaning to watch Moonrise Kingdom which had the same director.

To be Agatha you have to do a fancy braid on top of your head including a piece of wheat or grain, and the brown lipstick is to draw a "birthmark" the shape of Mexico on your cheek! Zero's costume is fairly simple. You'll probably have to buy a purple blazer but the pill box hat would be easy enough to make. And the liquid eyeliner is to draw in a thin moustache. I thought Zero was the most adorable character.

There you go!

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