Friday, 11 December 2015


Christmas presents for him

For the guys in your life who like to travel. Some of these items are easy to select as gifts. For instance, an e-reader, shave kit, high quality noise canceling headphones, or passport wallet are pretty universal. A travel backpack is a little more difficult to choose for someone else unless you really know exactly what they're looking for. We love to travel with backpacks because they're easy to carry and not awkward if you have a bit of a walk between the train station and your hotel. We took a quick trip to Toronto a couple of weeks ago and only took a bookbag each (I didn't even take a purse) and it was the smartest thing because we were spending the day around town before arriving at our accommodations. The globe in the top right corner is from Things Engraved of all places and we gave this to hubby's brother last year for Christmas. It is solar powered and the globe within the sphere spins. He loved it and we were pretty excited about it because we really love looking at the world map.

Speaking of our love of maps... On a trip to Boston a couple of years ago we went to the Mary Baker Eddy Museum of Christian Science because we heard there is a world map exhibit. It was really neat and very worth the trip if you're ever in Boston! It was less than $10 each and consists of a 15-20 minute presentation. You stand on a walkway in the center of a sphere shaped room. It's like you're standing in the middle of a big, stained glass globe. The acoustics inside the globe room were insane!! If you stand at one side of the walkway and whisper...a person at the other end hears you like you're talking into their ear. It was really, truly amazing.

That was a bit of a detour (no pun intended in a travel post) - hehe. Hopefully you're almost done Christmas shopping and this might help you finish up.