Monday, 28 December 2015


The 90s may have been the worst decade for fashion. Much of it I hope never comes back around. However when re-watching Full House on Netflix in preparation for Fuller House in February (all eight seasons are available on Canadian Netflix) I realized some things are timeless: good style and John Stamos.

I called this post "Diamond in the Rough" to reference both the outfits in Full House that would still be wearable today and to reference Aladdin (you likely know 'Steve' was the voice of Disney's Aladdin). Little double entendre for you.

Aunt Becky was definitely the style winner of the series (although she had some real doozies too). DJ is runner up and she would have impressed me more if she didn't wear those hideous white shoes in the last seasons.

Let's begin, shall we?

Outfit #1: Season 4 Episode 1
Aunt Becky's silk slip dress. Bravo, Full House team. I personally think this is a beautiful dress and it looks pretty fab on Rebecca. It is my series favourite.

Outfit #2: Season 6 Episode23
Aunt Becky's first Disney World outfit. Special shout out to the shoes - they are just plain great. The cut of the shorts and a plain long sleeved tee? Also timeless. Well done. Joey's outfit? Not so much.

Outfit #3: Season 8 Episode 24
DJ's prom dress. This dress deserves some extra credit because DJ's junior prom dress was not a classic. This is similar in colour and fabric to outfit number one, but a completely different cut. Maybe I'm just really into metallics right now. Regardless, this kind of dress is what Spanx were made for, ladies. Embrace the Spanx. Stephanie's outfit would be ok but what is with these terrible shoes?!

If you haven't watched Full House since you were ten years old I highly recommend it. I was not disappointed. Now I'm really looking forward to Fuller House! I'm curious if you agree with me that these outfits aren't hideously ugly by today's standards. Twenty years from now we'll be looking back at Fuller House style. :)

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