Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Let's talk about two things, shall we?

Christmas and New Year.

First off - I am the biggest Scrooge. This Christmas I found it hard to buy presents. The older I get the more I feel most of us have enough "stuff". We have too much "stuff". And I am starting to become skeptical... I buy presents because society tells me I can't be empty handed when I see my family or friends in the month of December? Does anyone else feel this way?? Does anyone else agree that is not the point of Christmas??

Don't get me wrong - I love picking items up for family and friends throughout the year if I see something I think they will love. (I bought my friend J Mariah Carey's new Christmas storybook because I knew she would just love it - and she did.) And I'm very thankful for the things I receive. But to buy for the sake of buying when others are in need...

Little by little I hope to wear down my family this year (ok - really my mom) until they (she) agree we can stop buying presents for each other. Or at least get them to stop giving me Christmas presents because I truly am happy to simply have a couple of days off work and enjoy a good meal with those I love!!

Leroy, on the other hand was so excited about his Christmas presents that he fell asleep hugging his new Turkey. Does it get any cuter than that?

The next order of business - the New Year.

I never make any true "resolutions" but this year I have a few goals in mind. At the end of 2016 I'd like to be able to do a push up and a pull up. I'd like to go on two trips this year. (We have one booked!) I'd like to spend a little less money on eating out (I am a takeout monster). I'd like to live with my husband again. I also have some ideas about where I'd like my money to go (besides those trips - ha!).

Last year I bought a journal to document our favourite memories of the year on New Year's Eve. I'm really excited about it and I can just picture looking back on it years from now and remembering all the happy moments that stood out each year. I recommend doing it! It was even fun this year to look back at last year's memories!

I hope 2016 brings you all kinds of blessings.

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