Sunday, 24 January 2016


Have you ever attempted to make a photo book? Let me tell you it is one frustrating process. I have tried at least three times and always end on the verge of tears with nothing to show for it. These websites are not easy to use! But doesn't it sound like such a nice idea to make these photo books from your vacation or family photos? I have this vision of one book per vacation starting with Switzerland...sigh... Scrapbooks of the future.

Tonight I had my FIRST successful photo book experience and thought I would share the tips I have learned through my failed attemps. I used Shutterfly and they have a sale on until Jan 27th if you also have two year old photos to print.

Here are my tips:

1. Save immediately and save often. Is it silly to save your file every thirty seconds you ask? No. No it is not. In fact it is prudent. PRUDENT, I say.

2. Choose your photos in advance. This will save you precious time online pulling your hair out. This is a get in, get out mission.

3. Upload photos one or two at a time. Anything more and these websites seem to implode. It's like Y2K predictions on these sites, people.

4. Upload ALL your photos before you begin formatting the pages and adding your pics to the template. I cannot say this enough. One time my photos were "uploading" for hours and hours and then days and days. They are likely still "uploading" in cyberspace this very day.

5. Shutterfly often has sales so there is no need to buy a photo book at full price. Absolutely no need.

6. If all else fails there is an option for the folks at Shutterfly to place your photos in the book themselves. My friend J has done this and she was satisfied with the result. You lose the freedom to micromanage this terrible project, but on the upside you don't need to consume a tub of ice cream at the end of the day.

I hope these tips help someone out there. Learn from my mistakes. Godspeed.

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