Thursday, 21 January 2016


This fall I had a mandatory education weekend in far, far away Nova Scotia and took the opportunity to make a pit stop in Halifax to visit my friend E! (Side note: the friends I made during my science degree are some of my lifelong best friends and I just love them.) E semi-recently moved back to the east coast after a stint in Saskatchewan and I'm so happy to have her back even though I still don't see her as much as I'd like!

During our visit she took me to a place I had heard a lot about but never been to - The Middle Spoon. For some reason the name always reminds me of Middle Earth and I kind of picture it being overrun with hobbits. :) That is fortunately not the case. As you probably know, it's a dessert place!

I had the most delicious toffee pudding (and apple cider)! It was the richest, most delicious, warm, comforting dessert ever and totally inspired me to make something similar at home!! I found this recipe and it turned out sooooo good!!! It was just like what I experienced at The Middle Spoon. I made it for friends and we all loved it (as far as I know)! It's something that is perfect for winter time since it's warm, sweet, and full of cream, sugar, and dates! But fair warning, the amount of cream used is somewhat alarming. Enjoy!

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