Saturday, 3 December 2011


My pseudo Christmas gift from hubby this year was a post-neuro massage.  I find sitting at a desk and studying 14 hours a day for three weeks can really reek havoc on your back.  Imagine.  Last night after a long day at school (8:30 till 5:00 not counting studying or homework) I went for my massage.  It was so nice.  I arrived twenty minutes early, book in tow and sat in front of an open fire reading.  The dog that lives at the Inn/Spa sat on my feet so I read Catching Fire (the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy) and scratched the dog's ears.

A bit of background - I can be exceptionally modest to the point of awkwardness... I seem to have toned it down since getting married three years ago (thankfully) but, for example, I still hoped for a female massage therapist.  This was my second massage ever and I find stripping down for an hour in front of a stranger is a bit strange even though it is incredibly relaxing.  When I was told "Darcy" was going to be my massage therapist for the evening, I assumed Darcy was a girl.  Wrongfully assumed.  Wrongfully.

Darcy was a young man.  Maybe my age, maybe a few years older.  I was awkward, no way around it.  I awkwardly started to ask what I was supposed to wear (although I already knew).  I'm not sure what type of answer I was looking for.  Maybe, "Oh, this is a new type of massage where you are fully dressed and I apply energy through a force field so there is no actual touching involved."

Once the massage started I was able to (somewhat) forget about Darcy - and neuroscience for that matter.  It was quite heavenly, I must say.  If hubby ever wants to go back to school to become an RMT (registered massage therapist as they say in the biz) I would fully support it.

When I arrived home resembling a puddle on the floor (a very relaxed, comfortable puddle) we attempted to go out for dinner.  The third restaurant was the charm - who knew the local gourmet burger place closes at 8 pm on Friday nights??  We had delicious sushi which was not at all what we planned on, having tried to first get a burger and then pizza.  Regardless, it was delicious.  We settled for our usual Angry Tuna Roll and then branched out with a combo plate.  Here they are!

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