Friday, 2 December 2011


The ongoing saga of sleeping outside the kennel continues.

Slowly but surely Leroy seems to be adapting.  We are being pounced on less and less in the middle of the night.  We are less often awoken to whining.  Instead we hear burrowing under the bed because someone has found their spot.  When hubby and I climb into bed at night, someone tunnels under the bed.  Whatever works, I guess.


  1. My Dog to this day will still get under the dinning room table when we're having supper. He seems to sense the moment that we're about to sit down! and heads towards the room.
    When he was a puppy he liked to lay on the bottom shelf of our coffee table, but quickly outgrew that! haha

  2. On the shelf of the coffee table would be so cute! Leroy tends to think he's smaller than he is and sometimes gets stuck under the bed downstairs.