Friday, 17 February 2012


This weekend hubby and I are heading off to camp.  It's the annual winter retreat weekend with our middle school and high school youth groups.  Normally we are leaders with the middle schoolers but this weekend everyone is combined, which is nice for a change.

Last year we went sliding down a terrifying hill, played board games, played outdoor capture the flag, had many worship services, and devotionals.  It's a really fun weekend.  This year hubby is organizing the outdoor evening game and he has planned a twist on traditional capture the flag.  Inspired by The Hunger Games (which we now both looove) there will be a cornucopia in the middle of the playing field full of goodies.  You will be able to choose from snacks like chocolate bars and pop, a special "shield" to get into the enemy camp, an extra "flag" which is an automatic point, a flashlight, etc.  I'm very proud of hubby's idea.  The kids are going to love it!

And this is what we'll be leaving behind for the weekend.

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