Thursday, 9 February 2012


Still a child at heart, I hand out valentines to my classmates.  During my undergraduate degree I passed out valentines to the students on my floor (I was the RA).  As long as I'm in school, it certainly isn't going to change.

I have debated blogging this because it will ruin the surprise for my classmates, but I decided to post it anyway.  If you're looking for a cute hand-made craft (that is inexpensive and easy) - you'll want to see this before the big V Day.  I have seen versions of this craft on many different blogs including this one.  And because my puppy is my baby, this is my version!

This is such a simple craft!!  Print the photo you desire (most versions have a child with their hand held out in a fist).  I used a small exacto knife to cut an "x" on either side of Leroy's mouth.  Print on your Valentine's message (I just wrote mine on but you could be fancy and have it printed on).  Push the sucker of your choice through the x's and voila!

The total cost was about $15.00.  The instant photos from Wal Mart were approximately $10 for 35 photos and the suckers were another $4 - $5.  Doesn't it just make you smile??  If you're one of my classmates, get ready!!  You'll be receiving one in five days.  :)

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