Wednesday, 15 February 2012


I don't often post outfit photos because I began blogging in the winter and my choice of backgrounds is limited.  (Mainly I only have my living room to use.)  Nevertheless I liked what I wore today and thought it was something worth sharing.  As always, Leroy wanted to get in on the camera action.  He could be in a doggie magazine, that one.

It's the time of year when you can't wait for spring to come.  Winter has been here for ages (although this has been an unseasonably warm year thus far) and summer seems so long ago.  I'm in the market for a new swimsuit and can't stop thinking about the adventures coming in summer 2012.  My wardrobe mainly consists of jeans and sweatshirts because, let's face it, it's cold and wet out there!  On the rare occasion I put some effort into my winter clothing, it deserves to be documented.  Stripes, solids, ruffles and all.

Shirt - Suzy Sheir, tank top - Aritzia, jeans - Bootlegger, necklace - Tiffany & Co.
Boots - Spring.


  1. I love your outfit! (and Adam loves your puppy!!)

    1. Thanks, Barb! You'll have to tell Adam Leroy is even sweeter in person!