Wednesday, 23 May 2012

1/2 M.D.

 School finally came to an end!  Can you believe it?  This was certainly cause for a celebration (or three).  Our class was treated to a BBQ by the staff immediately after our exam finished.  It was such a gorgeous Friday I actually was sweating outside (and got some colour)!  That evening we headed over to a classmate's house for a potluck and bonfire.  You have probably figured out we love our potlucks, considering we've had about five in the last two weeks.  That's a bit of an exaggeration but we have honestly had at least three...

The evening was a lot cooler than the day had been so we all had to cuddle around the campfire while we passed out our annual class awards - always a hoot.  In case you're wondering, I received "The Duchess" award for dreaming about the Royal Wedding for the past two years.  Well deserved, well deserved.

Surgeon cake pops our hostess made!  They were adorable!
Saturday we made our first trip to the market and then left for the cabins we had rented for the night.  About twenty of us went and we had a grand old time.  The cabins were on the river with a nice little beach so we were able to lay out in the sun, (fully protected with sunscreen reapplied many times), and have beach bonfires.  Thanks again to L who organized everything, (including renting the cabins, buying all the food, organizing the cooking, buying us an ice cream cake, etc).  You did a wonderful job and we had so much fun!  See you for Intro to Clerkship, 2014!

L and K's car loaded down with camping supplies and our class artwork.

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