Monday, 7 May 2012


I have never jumped on the Glee train.  It's funny, too, because I love singing, dancing, and musical theatre.  The music covered piques my interest but every time I watch an episode, I find the plot boring.  For me, a youtube search of recent Glee songs is the best case scenario.  This way I can listen to their music and don't have to watch (what I consider) boring dialogue.  Last week during one of these searches I found "Shake it Out".  This is a song by Florence and the Machine (Dog Days Are Over, anyone?) and I absolutely love it!  In the last few days I have probably listened to this song (both versions) fifteen times.  The gals on Glee did an acoustic version, which adds a different dimension to the song.  Both are lovely so here they are for you to enjoy!

[In other news I ran 5 km with Leroy today.  Go me!  Running outside is a whole different world than the treadmill... The entertainment factor is there, but man, hills are rough.]


  1. If you like the acoustic version, here's Florence doing it herself!

    1. Thanks! I just watched it and love it. :)