Thursday, 27 March 2014


I returned home Tuesday after a lovely visit in Calgary, Alberta visiting a friend from my undergrad.  We last saw each other three years ago when she came east to visit her sister at university, and when she left I remember crying and thinking, "I wonder when we'll see each other again."  Three years is too long, but better than I had hoped for back in 2011!  I had some Air Canada credits from the fall when I completely changed my life plans and cancelled my cross Canada tour.  They have to be used within a year so it seemed the perfect excuse to visit!

I'm going to break my trip into a couple of posts so you can enjoy the beauty of the Rockies separately. :)  This is going to be a little food post from one of the restaurants we ate at called Model Milk.  I think we all know how much I love to eat and going to new places to eat is always one of my favourite activities.  (Also on my trip we went out for authentic Indian food with a co-worker of F's who is from India.  It was amazing and I wish hubby could have been there!  I didn't take any photos though, sorry.  Let's just say google "dosa".  Sooo good and I'd never heard of it before.)  After that long aside, Model Milk was a cool little spot full of wood and brick and iron railings.  We sat upstairs where the room is essentially one large balcony that overlooks the main floor.  Around the outside perimeter is a long wooden "bench" with water jugs and artwork.  It's a very attractive spot.

The food was tasty too, although not the best meal I've ever had.  (Hubby and I have a mental list of the best meals we've ever eaten and we sometimes we reminisce about how delicious they were.)  F and I both had gnocchi with pumpkin puree, butternut squash, and brussel sprouts (yum - love them).  The other girls split a plate of chicken and waffles that probably could have fed three! 

It was one of many fun nights we had during my trip!  More to come later.

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