Sunday, 9 March 2014


This year hubby and I decided to organize some of our bigger messes.  I love organizing, categorizing, filing, etc but just haven't taken the time to do it since we moved into our home in December 2010.  (One time at the doctor's office when I was about 7 or 8 I spent our time in the waiting room organizing and cleaning the children's play area.  I kid you not.  That says a lot about a person.)

At the end of Christmas vacation I organized our toiletry bins and medicine cabinet in the bathroom.  Disastrous, it was. (Yoda voice.)  I threw out bottles of moisturizer and shower gel that had separated into its water component and cream component.  Didn't know that could happen, did you?

In November we bought filing cabinets for the spare room and I made hubby throw away his grocery receipts from 2009 as we filed all our important documents away.  (And why do appliances come with sooo many manuals?  Will I ever actually look at them?  Should I really save them? FYI - I did.)

My most recent project was hubby's closet.  Our bedroom has a tiny closet that (barely) holds my clothing.  Hubby has been banished to the spare room where he has his own closet and dresser.  Now, before you feel too sorry for him, in our old apartment my clothing was in the spare room and his was in the master.  Hubby has a fear when I say I want to organize his closet that I am going to donate all of his most prized Vince Carter jerseys and holey underwear to the less fortunate.  This may or may not be because a few years ago he came home to find garbage bags full of his old clothes sitting by the door to our apartment...

You might remember our spare room is our "dirty little secret".  Here are the before photos of hubby's closet.  I kid you not; those piles existed.  (And, side note, I can't blame hubby for those hideous door handles.  They were there when we moved in.)

You may have noticed the closet is built up off the floor.  Yes, it is very weird.  No, I don't know why it is like that.  There is nothing below it and from the mudroom closet you can see that there is just an empty space underneath.

After a coat of paint on the closet doors, new cabinet pulls from Kent (and the old holes filled in with wood filler), a floor shoe rack, and two shelves (also from Kent), the closet is much more functional.  Even without the piles.  How he ever found anything in there is beyond me.  Surprisingly, even hubby admits it is an improvement.


A sigh of relief was heard throughout the house.  And don't worry - no Vince Carter jerseys or cowboy hats were harmed in the making of this project.  (Truth be told, the jersey and hat were once worn together.  But not since I've been around.  I don't stand for that kind of nonsense.)

It also might be worth mentioning that I just got twitter!  I posted a link on the right below my profile if you want to check it out.  Happy Monday!

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