Thursday, 26 January 2012


Last night we finally sat down and tried to decide where we want to visit this summer.  This will be my last summer "off" and I want to make the most of it!  I am in love with Europe and desperately want to take hubby there (because he's never been).

Originally we thought about Iceland because we heard it's inexpensive and the photos look beautiful!  Then we discovered the northern lights are only visible between September and April... I don't want to visit a country at a time when its main attraction is invisible!

I listed hubby every country in Europe and he told me "yes" or "no".  Unfortunately there were very few "no's" on the list.  With the Olympics being in London this summer I would prefer to steer clear of Britain because of crowds and expenses.  I have been to: Austria, Czech Republic, and Hungary so for this year those are out - although I would like to go back to all of these countries.

The places still on our list: Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Italy, and Greece.  I'm excited to see where we end up!

Hungarian Parliament.
Having a "Maria moment" in Salzburg.  The hills are alive and all that.
Hiking in Schladming we came across a field of sheep!


  1. You could potentially do Spain and Morocco as they're quite close together [depending on where you go in Spain]. Or you could do Southern France and Spain. Also, you could take me with you :)

    1. Alright, let's go! :) We're thinking Spain and Morocco at the moment. I'm trying to ask around and find out how long people suggest in each place. If we need more time, we'll probably just go to Morocco.

  2. Greece --human trafficking epi-center of the world.


    1. Good heavens! I didn't know that one. I'd risk it though. Haha. Although Greece isn't doing so well these days so for the near future it's probably off the list.