Thursday, 19 January 2012


That's what I am.

Look what I get to snuggle up to at night - a hubby who is reading (insert fanfare here) and a baby puppy curled up under our bed.  Does it get any better than that?!

Hubby's only flaw is he's not a reader.  He finished The Catcher in the Rye on the way home from Florida and it only took him...TWO YEARS to complete.  This isn't a large book, people.  After some quick calculations we figured he had read one page every three days for the last two years.  Sad.  Just sad.  I asked him constantly over the course of our vacation to start reading The Hunger Games (alright, fine...I nagged).  I knew he would love it - wilderness survival, hunting, politics, love...  Finally he conceded and I think he is enjoying it more than he lets on.  This is the first book I have ever seen him read without my constant persuasion.

We had a moment the other day.  Watching tv, a movie trailer came on featuring Josh Hutcherson, the boy cast as Peeta.  I told hubby this actor would be playing Peeta in The Hunger Games movie and added he doesn't look like the Peeta I picture in my head.  "Not at all.  I picture him to be much bigger and stronger," said my husband.  My husband.  The man who does not read for fun.  Sigh.  I think I fell in love a little.

And that takes me back to how I found my boys in bed this week.  One under the covers reading (without being nagged) and the other in their favourite spot under the bed.  [And yes - we have a very high bed.]


  1. "Hubby's only flaw..."

    That just tells me that you haven't been maried very long! :)

  2. Cute post :)

    Love how he's reading The Hunger Games. Reggie really enjoyed it too. I was sure to show him this picture!