Sunday, 8 January 2012


A classmate recently heard The Sheepdogs in concert and had posted one of their music videos on her facebook.  Until recently I had sort of forgotten about this and this week I began conducting a little musical research, if you will.

Their sound is very old school rock and roll.  They definitely have a 70s feel and I'm diggin' it!  (Did they say that in the 70s??)  I won't try to compare them to other bands because if I was a professional musician that would drive me crazy.  I'm sure they would like to be known for their own sound and not someone else's.  On a different note, if I'm not mistaken they are from Saskatoon - Canadian - which only adds to their cool factor.

Probably you've already heard of them, considering they were on the cover of Rolling Stone recently (I think)...  Here's a video in case you're interested!

Side note: seems like a very appropriate band to post about considering I have a sheepdog of my very own sitting at my feet!

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