Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Where do the broomsticks come into play you ask?  Well...they don't.  Just bed sheets!  I think Bedknobs and Broomsticks is an old Disney movie so I was trying to do a little play on words there.  Did you get it?

This duvet cover was made by a very talented mom from this blog that I found yesterday.  Her son designs his own pokemon characters which she used to make stencils for this hand-drawn bed sheet.  Step 1: convert the pokemon to black and white using photoshop.  Then she printed them off and traced the little guys onto this duvet cover using a fabric marker.  I think this is so cool!!  How neat would it be for a kid to have their own artwork on their sheets?  I am definitely keeping this in mind as Christmas approaches.  For detailed instructions for this project, look here.  Warning - the tracing apparently took her a very long time (something like 8 hours for this queen sized duvet)!

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