Saturday, 29 October 2011


Here come the Men in Black... Galaxy defenders. (MIBs.)
Costumes extraordinaire 2011.  Hubby and I were Men in Black and Leroy was an alien!  I actually had never seen the movie which became very apparent as people kept making reference to a flash thing that erases your memory?  I had no idea what they were talking about and hubby had to sadly explain I had never seen the movie and just watched the music video for Will Smith's song "Men in Black" as we were getting ready for the party.  Oh well.

I must say Leroy made a very good alien.  It was a bit of an experiment taking him to a setting with 60 people but he did very well!  He didn't even mind his costume (a feather boa, wire necklace from the dollar store and two styrofoam balls as extra 'eyes'.  I think because it wrapped around his neck he just thought it was his collar.  Apparently the feathers got stuck in his mouth sometimes but I didn't actually witness this myself.  He was a hit, I think.  What a good boy. :)

Our little alien.
Trying to determine what to do with the extra-terrestrial threat to our city.

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