Thursday, 20 October 2011


In my second blog post I mentioned a recent trip to Prague.  This summer I went on a long awaited Europe trip.  During my undergrad I always felt like I was the only person in the world who hadn't been to Europe.  In first year university I often called my parents on a Saturday morning and said, "Whyyyy didn't you take me to Europe??  Everyone has been there except for meee!"  (I don't know if you can really appreciate through text but I said this in an extremely whiny 18 year old voice.)

This summer I decided to bite the bullet even though I'm a poor student.  You can't live life for tomorrow so I figured I might as well fulfill my travel dreams today - poor and all.  I went with two friends (hubby stayed home for a variety of reasons) and we had an excellent girls' trip.  We went to Austria (Schladming, Salzburg, and Vienna), Czech Republic (Prague), and Hungary (Budapest).

Of the cities we went to, Prague was by far my favourite.  Everything there was clean and beautiful.  Each building was old with incredible architecture.  An unforgettable moment from the trip was watching sunrise over Charles Bridge.

If Budapest hadn't been so warm (37 before the humidex) it might have been a close second to Prague.  It is a city with a lot of character.  A little rundown, I can imagine it being a bit more of a funky place (if the locals had ventured out of their homes while we were I said - it was HOT).

However, the most breathtaking moment from my first trip to Europe was climbing Guttenburg, which is a mountain in Schladming, Austria.  The views were incredible and I felt so accomplished having climbed to the top of an Alp (the Alps?).  I huffed and puffed my way up there but it was totally worth it!  And at the top I ate an Austrian streudel. :)

Sunrise over Charles Bridge.  Prague, Czech Republic.
Climbing Guttenburg.  Schladming, Austria.
My favourite fountain of the trip.  Castle Hill, Budapest, Hungary.
Put on your dirndl!  Salzburg, Austria.

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